Vieques Beach Puerto Rico

When the U.S. Navy left – due to international protest, and from the locals, Vieques has opened its doors to tourism.

Even though more tourist are coming, the atmosphere is very laid back, and this place reflects more of the true culture of rural Puerto Rico. There are over 30 beaches on the island, and a few are quite unique.

Several of the beaches have names that definitely describe them. Blue Beach gets its name from the sapphire blue waters. Here you will find few tourists and locals, and it provides a secluded and quiet place to relax and swim.

On the other hand Green Beach was named for its lush green tropical vegetation that completly surrounds the beach. Now Red Beach is not red, but it is framed by mountains and rocks. The cute little gazebos make this beach unique, and hopefully if you visit, it’s not crowded.

Culebra Island is located off the coast of Puerto Rico. This island is a nature reserve, and its beaches are in pristine condition. One of the most popular is Playa Flamenco with its wide sandy beaches. The water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and divers can find some great spots off the island. This island is also known to nature lovers who come to view the turtle nesting spots. Culebra is quite stunning in its beauty, and not too crowded – that is for now.

One of the most unusual beaches is the Phosphorescent Bay, also caled Mosquito Bay, which you must visit at night.

Phosphorescent or Mosquito Bay Puerto Rico

There are thousands upon thousands of creatures that glow in the dark, and leave a blue phosphorescent trail as they swim around. The whole Bay is lit up from these tiny sea creatures. It’s one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. And its difficult to capture on film at night.

The white sand crescent shaped Luquillo Beach is right outside San Juan. If you want to see locals, head here. This beach is so popular because it sits in a lagoon protected by coral reefs. The waters are clear and calm. There are tent sites and lots of picnic tables located here – the perfect spot for picnic, family gatherings or just friends spending the day together. This beach always has a fun atmosphere.