The Beaches of Antigua – A Beach Lovers Dream Island!

Green Island (shown below) is located off the eastern coast of Antigua, and a popular stop on Antigua excursions and boat charters. Here you’ll find an entire pristine white sand coast, and all the seclusion you want since the island is uninhabited. The pristine reefs provide excellent snorkeling.

Green Island Antigua

Any local on the island will tell you that Antigua has 365 beaches – one for every day of the year. This has become a marketing tool for the island, and over the years no one has contested the claim.

No matter how many beaches there actually are in Antigua, my choice for the best three beaches are Dickerson’s BayHalf Moon Bay, and Hawksbill.

Dickerson Bay is located on the northwest coast of the island, and the powder white sandy beach stretches a mile long – and the water is “smooth as silk“. Plenty of water activities, hotels, and restaurants and bars. Head to the northern side of the beach for more seclusion.

Half Moon Bay Beach (shown below) has fine pink sand, along with wonderful cooling treadewind breezes, and an active surf.

Antigua Half Moon Beach

I did not get to see all the beaches in Antigua, but I cannot imagine the island has a more beautiful beach. Half Moon is a public park area, and the surf gets quite rough – though the surfers love it. There is a large reef off the coast, which is great for snorkeling. So, while not a beach for good swimming, it is on the list for snorkelers, surfers and those who love to take great beach pics.   

Hawksbill Beach is located on the five island peninsula. The white sand on this beach seems almost too white, especially set against the blue/green waters – the water almost appears to twinkle in the sun. Crystal clean calm waters make this the ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling on the coral reefs. Depending on when you go, this beach can be rather secluded, or crowded.

Another fine beach is Curtain Bluff Beach – a wide golden sand beach that is framed by beautiful palms and mangroves. The water is extremely clear and calm. This beach is home to the Curtain Bluff Hotel.

Other fine beaches on Antigua are Pigeon Point, Runaway Beach, and Morris Bay (for snorklers).

In fact, there are just too many beaches to mention – remember there are 365! I suggest visiting Antigua, and making your own “best Antigua beach list“.