7 mile beach negril jamaica

If you’ve been to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, on your next trip to Jamaica experience the Western tip of the island.

What visitors find in Negril is a very laid back atmosphere, great variety of watersports, mind-blowing sunsets, cliff-jumping and the true Rastafarian culture.

When most beach lovers think of 7 mile beach – the Cayman Islands come to mind. But there’s another famous Caribbean beach with the same name.

One of the best things about this particular beach is that there are no high rise hotels to block your view.

7 mile beach (shown above) is aptly named, because it is the longest continuous stretch of powdery beach on the island of Jamaica. The beach also contains some nudist sections along with bare-all Booby Cay offshore.

Jamaica’s world famous 7-mile beach is located in Negril on the west coast of Jamaica. Here you will find the perfect soft white sand beach. Every morning joggers take to the beach for their eary morning run, and take in the unspoiled beauty of this great beach.

The beach is as popular in the evening as well – the sunsets are spectacular and hundreds of visitors watch as the huge sun sinks into the ocean. If you’ve ever dreamed of capturing sunsets – this is the place. In fact, Rick’s Cafe, in Negril is among the most famous places in the Caribbean for watching sunsets.

Snorkelers will love the variety of coral reefs, and the water feels like a nice, warm bath. All sorts of resorts, clubs, beach bars, and open-air restaurants close by.

Another great beach is just around the corner from 7 mile beach. Bloody Bay (pictured below) unlike its name has excellent clear waters, lots of palm trees, and an unspoiled beach – two and a half miles of white sand beach on a calm bay.

Bloody Beach Negril Jamaica