Monkey Island Jamaica

Port Antonio, Jamaica offers one of the most beautiful shorelines in the Caribbean, and right off this eastern coastline, sitting all by itself is Monkey Island.

Visitors usually swim over the sandy channels from San San Beach to this island outpost. The entire island is covered with lush vegetation, and provides a great place to snorkle and scuba dive.

Once you come ashore, you can climb up to 100 feet and take in the view of Jamaica’s beautiful lush green hill, and on a clear day you can see the island of Cuba. Climbing is not done on typical steps, but instead on tree roots that appear to be placed just so travelers can get a great view from this island outpost in the sea.

Monkey Island also has several other names: Woods Island, Pellow Island, and Princess Island. If you swim over from San San Beach watch your step – there are sea urchins with sticky spins on the shoreline. 

Back in the early 1900’s an American millionaire, Arthur Mitchell built a house (the Folly House) in Port Antonio, and kept monkeys on the island across the bay – hence the name. Presently the house is in ruins, so not much need to stop there unless old relics make your day.