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The uninhabited island of Sandy Spit is located in the British Virgin Islands, southeast of Little Jost Van Dyke.

sandy split british virgin islands

The island has been used as a backdrop for many movies, and once you view it you can definitely see why – just the place where you would want to be shipwrecked. Needless to say, this tiny piece of paradise is a favorite island hopping spot.

A 360 degree ring of beautiful, pristine white sand encompasses island, and the beautiful aqua marine water appears to make the white sand brighter.

The islands vegetation is located at the center, and there are only three rather tired looking palm trees on the entire island. The south end of the island has a pristine reef, and provides the perfect snorkeling environment. No need to go out too far to view tropical fish – many can be seen (and felt) as you wade out from shore into the crystal clear water. 

This is a perfect Caribbean island picnic spot. While you dine, the graceful frigate birds circle overhead, and schools of flying fish skirt just above the water – they really don’t actually fly, but I can see why they would be easy to catch.

And if one fantasy island isn’t enough, Green Cay is just yards away, and connected to Sandy Split by an extremely shallow coral shoal.

Green Cay also offers great snorkeling, swimming and greats views of the beauty of BVI. And Sandy Cay is only minutes away.

The British Virgin Islands is home to small, tiny pristine islands – each one with its on personality and charm.


Seven beaches surround ring this 850-acre island in the

British Virgin Islands

guana private island

Guana is one of the most intimate private-island resorts: just 15 rooms.

It’s as much about what you get (food that’s better than you expect) as what you don’t (phones and televisions).

Guana is a private island – while the entire private island can be rented for the right price, you can opt to sequester yourselves in one of Guana Island’s 15 guest rooms.

Guana is one of the most intimate private-island resorts: just 15 rooms.

It’s as much about what you get (food that’s better than you expect) as what you don’t (phones and televisions).

Guana Island British Virgin Islands –


The British Virgin Islands, like the Bahamas consists of a group of smaller islands. One of the best of this tiny island chain is Virgin Gorda – home of The Baths, which is actually a national park.

The Baths, popular tourist and beach spot in the British Virgin Islands

The Baths is quite a unique beach with beautiful white sand, but at some times of the day, the sand takes on a pinkish tone. Everywhere along the beach are giant unique shapped granite boulders. It’s like nothing you have ever seen – some of these rocks are more than 30 feet high.

While you can explore around these giant boulders on land, snorkeling is a blast. There are small caves and grottos everywhere, and a variety of fish and marine life. Here is water is crystal clear, and the color of blue aquamarine.

Spring Bay Beach is another good choice, and within easy reach from The Baths. The waters are clean and calm, and this area is a snorkelers delight. So many interesting sea creatures. It just doesn’t get too much better than Virgin Gorda – that is until you travel on to another tiny island Tortola . . .

Cane Garden Bay on Tortola offers a stretch of pristine white sand beach that covers over a mile. This is the perfect beach to take a long walk or jog – it just appears to go on forever – and the waters are crystal clear, and the color of a light aquamarine. Other great beach stops are Devil’s Bay, Pond Bay and Mahoe Bay.

White Bay on the tiny little island of Jost Van Dykes has been selected by travel publications as one of the world’s top beaches. The sand is pure white, beautiful palms, not too crowded – another perfect picture post card.